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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty of Dental Medicine that studies and corrects problems related to teeth, dental arches and occlusion.


Why dental braces?

The dental crowding makes correct oral hygiene, periodontal problems, joint problems, pain in the ear and head. Dental correction improves aesthetics and masticatory and joint function, as well as improving self-esteem.

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Frequently asked questions

We create perfect smiles

A perfect smile enhances the patient’s self-esteem. Starting orthodontic treatment at the ideal time is the key to success. The younger the patient the greater the ease of adjustment, however, it is never too late to have a harmonious smile.

Can adults use orthodontic appliances?

Yes. Adults only have to be careful with periodontal problems, if they exist. There are appliances for growing and adult children depending on the orthopedic or dental problem, respectively.

What type of dentist should I choose?

The Orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in Orthodontics with postgraduate training (specialization, master’s or doctorate) and presents specific knowledge of this area. But any dentist can exercise this area.

What is the most appropriate age to use dental braces?

The orthopedic or functional appliance should be placed from the age of 6 years after the eruption of the first definitive molars when there is a problem in the dental arches if they are more projected or collapsed.


If it is a problem of slight crowding, you can begin the orthodontic treatment later at the age of 11-13 with the complete permanent dentition.


Maxillary surgery (orthognathic surgery) is indicated in adult patients when the malformation is related to the development of the bone structure.


The attitude is essentially preventive so parents should make the first consultation around the age of 6 to dislodge possible dental and/or bone problems.

The opinion of our specialists

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4 medical units
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4 medical units
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