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About us


Better quality of life

We are a company in the health area whose main objective is to provide our clients with a better quality of life through the services of Pediatric Dental Medicine, Orthodontics and Oncology.


Specialized services

We also offer support services specialized in prosthetics, imaging and medical examinations for dentists, who provide services in the Algarve, training, and manufacture of medical and surgical instruments and equipment.

clinica dentaria em lagoa

Advanced technology

The technology around dental medicine is constantly changing and constantly evolving. We do our best to stay relevant to your needs using advanced technology.

The opinion of our specialists

4 medical units in the Algarve

4 medical units
in the Algarve

4 medical units
in the Algarve

Meet the team

A specialized team of health professionals at your disposal.
Dr. Sara Mendes
Responsible for the area of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
Marcela Giareta
Dr. Marcela Giareta
Responsible for the area of Dental and Facial Aesthetics
Maria Katyrova
Dr. Maria Katyrova
Dr. João Costa
Responsible for the area of Removable Prosthodontics and General Practice
Iryna Melnyk
Dr. Iryna Melnyk
Endodontics and generalist
Pedro Mota copiar
Dr. Pedro Mota
Specialist in implantology and specialized surgery
Núria Sobrinos copiar
Dra. Núria Sobrinos
Specialist in implantology and specialized surgery
Sara Eusébiocopiar
Dra. Sara Eusébio
General Dentist
Gisela barros copiar
Dra. Gisela Barros
General Dentist
Ana Cecília
Dra. Ana Cecília
Endodontics, periodontology and oral rehabilitation
Vanessa Silvestre
Vanessa Silvestre
Orthodontics and general dentist
Fernando Silvacopiar
Fernando Silva
Mariana Luz copiar
Tânia Teixeira
Dental Assistant at the Silves Unit
Ana Calapez
Dental Assistant at Clínica Médica e Dentária de Monchique